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10 reasons to enter the Global Flexo Innovation Awards


The Global Flexo Innovation Awards is a necessary celebration of the ingenuity, creativity and quality that drives the flexo community to new heights every year. But it's also a golden opportunity to celebrate, promote and develop your company. Watch the video and read our 10 reasons to enter.

1. You’ll learn from the best

As part of the awards family, you’ll find yourself in close contact with a host of innovators from all over the world, each doing something amazing with flexo technology, from lenticular stamps to sustainable packaging. And that proximity to fellow innovators can be hugely inspiring.

2. You have the chance strike up new partnerships

In 2018, the awards ceremony was the ‘spark’ for a fruitful collaboration between the UK’s Reproflex 3 and Italy’s Z Due, both Gold Winners. These awards aren’t just a chance for you to see all this inspiring new work. Those pioneers are also seeing your business at its best.

3. You’ve earnt recognition

The expertise of our judges spans the packaging value chain from design to print production and sustainability. And they’ll be looking closely at what you’re doing to create exciting, creative and innovative print – whether that’s at lower cost or with lower environmental impact, showing creativity in graphic design, converting from other print processes, or committing to sustainability.

4. You can reward your team

There’s nothing like having your teamwork and creative thinking celebrated by respected peers, seasoned judges and the world’s trade press – especially at a time of such disruption to regular working life. There’s power in celebration, and any chance to come together safely, as a company or a community, is well worth embracing.

5. You can tell the full story

This is the first awards that look beyond the package and evaluate how your innovations impact the entire print value chain, telling the whole story behind it. So it’s a chance to show your true brilliance – not just in the product you made, but in all the thinking you put into it.

6. Step back and get a new perspective

As the Global Flexo Innovation Awards is all about your story, the act of applying will give you a rare chance to step back and see your own company and its achievements in a new light. Consider the story, think of things you never thought before – and use it to inspire future marketing materials and other content to wow your audience.

7. You’ll enjoy the perks.

Once the awards is over, Miraclon offers ongoing opportunities for peer-to-peer support and networking, including chances to discuss your work with the cross-industry judging panel; highest honor winners will also receive invitations to exclusive events.

8. A win will boost your messaging

As well as motivating your team, a Gold, or even Platinum, Award will elevate your own external communications. It’s a badge of recognition for the genuine innovations you’ve made, the ones with real strategic substance, which shows you’re driving efficient, consistent and sustainable manufacturing processes.

9. And let us do your promotion for you

Your name will spread around the world, as we share the inspiring achievements of our community in our global communications and campaigns. Winners with the highest honors will be part of a global communications campaign and could even become ambassadors for transformational flexo print

10. You’ll be part of transforming flexo, together

Flexo has come a huge way in the past 10 years, and it’s not stopping yet. And that’s a real team effort. The more we pull together and show off what we’re capable of, the better. The flexo quality bar is constantly moving higher. And the awards is a chance to make the most of your role in that journey.