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Judge shares ECG research


Global Flexo Innovation Awards judge Kai Lankinen recently published his PhD research into the effectiveness and efficiency of Expanded Gamut Printing (EGP) as a replacement to spot color printing.

“There is a great need in the packaging industry to produce increasingly smaller lots in a more cost-effective and sustainable way, where post colour accuracy of the brand elements is critical. Traditional flexography is spot colour printing or four-colour process printing supported by spot colours that consume a lot of time, effort, and materials. This study evaluates the transition from spot colour printing to Expanded Gamut Printing, EGP, i.e. a multicolour process in solvent-based¬† wide web flexography, which reduces the complexity of the printing process and produces spot colour simulation in a simple, more effective, and more sustainable way.

The packaging printing industry has traditionally been a conservative one and new methods are usually trialled without a deep systemic and scientific approach. Therefore, there has not been a comprehensive and scientific investigation of the multicolour process in flexography and it is relatively unknown in detail…

Read the excerpt in FlexoTech magazine and find a link the the full research findings